Tea Tree Essential Oil

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Tea Tree Oil is a must have for every household! And this one is 100% natural.

Tea Tree Oil is nature's powerful antibacterial and antifungal wonder oil! The aroma is fresh and camphor-like. Tea Tree Oil can be used in homemade soaps, shampoos and cleaning products and it can be diffused to kill mould in the home.

Mixed with a little coconut or carrier oil, it can be used to treat all sort of skin infections. One of the most versatile and effective essential oils for the home!

Can be use for:

  • Skin conditions including acne
  • Bacterial, fungal and viral infections
  • Congestion and respiratory tract infections
  • Treating head lice
  • Improve bad breath
  • Natural household cleaner preparation
  • Laundry freshener
  • Natural insect repellent

Can be used in your home in a burner or diffuser, can be inhaled directly or topically applied to skin in a carrier oil like coconut oil (dilute 1:1).

Comes in a 30ml, amber dropper bottle.

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