Kitchen Conversion Chart Digital Instant Download

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Ever feel like you are always looking up conversion rates for recipes? A little frustrating, I know! That is why I created this poster of common kitchen conversions including weights (for solids and liquids), temperature and cake tin sizes as well as how many grams a stick of butter is. You'll never have to google conversion quantities again, just refer to your Kitchen Conversion poster.

This typographic print has been designed on a "chalkboard" background and looks amazing in modern as well as ornate-looking frames and adds a sense of charm and warmth to any kitchen.

This product is a digital download ~ you receive the link to download your .PDF file of the poster as soon as you complete your purchase. Included are 2 different sizes to choose from ~ an A4 as well as an A3 version.

To print the poster, simply save the file to a USB disk and get it printed at your local printing shop or alternately, print at home if you have a good quality printer. Print onto thin white cardboard or high-quality white paper and place in a frame of your choice.

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